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In this section, we have collected some of the most frequently asked questions about the use of our service.

A Bags Manager is a person or a commercial activity that cooperates with Bags Parking, by providing a luggage storage service.

By becoming a Bags Manager you can take advantage of unused space in your home or your store and earn extra money. Plus, if you have a business, it’s a great way to bring new customers into the store.

To become a Bags Manager, download the app, register as a Bags Manager, and follow the steps to apply.

Definitely, as Bags Manager you can define in which days or hours you can manage the luggage storage.

You won’t have to pay anything, we will pay you for your baggage storage service.

Earnings depend on the availability of the Bags Manager and the price he/she set for the deposit.

All compensation will be managed by the Stripe platform, which is integrated into the Bags Parking application. Payment will be made via a transfer to the IBAN entered during registration. Bags Parking will retain its commission for each booking.

If you have registered as a Bags Manager – company on the Bags Parking app, you can download the pdf to learn how the invoice process works.

If you have registered as a Bags Manager – private citizen on the Bags Parking app, you can download the pdf to learn how the invoice process works.

Your identity is verified through your personal data, accompanied by a valid identity document.

Document verification is a mandatory step to ensure the security, reliability, and transparency of the service.

To ensure the security of our Bags Manager, we ask each Traveller to provide us with their personal information and phone number. In addition, since all payments are made online, we require the use of a credit card in order to deposit luggage. In addition, Bags Managers are entitled to be shown the booking confirmation.

Each bag is insured up to €500 in case of theft and damage. In order to better protect both parties, we ask that you take a picture of your luggage at the time of deposit and send it in the chat with the Traveller.

Illegal or dangerous items are prohibited. You can find a complete list of all prohibited items on the “Terms and Conditions” page, under Item 8, “Prohibited Items”. Each Traveller will have to accept the terms and conditions of the service before depositing his or her baggage.

You don’t find them, they find you. Once you have verified your Bags Manager profile, you will be able to enter your “locations” so that people looking for a luggage storage facility near you can easily find you.

If you want to permanently delete your luggage storage, we invite you to write us an email. If, on the other hand, you would like to have your storage facility not be viewed by travelers for a limited period of time, simply go to the schedule section of the location you created and uncheck the “Make your storage location visible” option.

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